You’ll Love These Simple Styles


Celebrity icons such as Kanye West, Beyonce, and Rhianna have helped popularize a style of clothing that always existed among underground rappers, hip-hop dancers, and artists: urban wear. Urban wear started out in the inner city and has moved into mainstream thanks to the popularity of certain music genres. This style of clothing is so popular largely because it’s comfortable, loose, laid-back, and because it is always open to creativity — nowadays, amazing deals on urban clothing from Zamage are available online for even lower prices than before.

Many styles today started in urban communities. “Urban” really refers more to a lifestyle rather than just clothing, and it extends to accessories like belts, hats, and even folding knifes with intricate designs. All this is in continuous flux, changing throughout the decades to include longer tees, tighter pants, hip jackets, and lots of leather. Trending styles are easier than ever to put together, and there’s no excuse for not expressing yourself through a sick pair of shoes or a chain or two. In men’s designs, the baggy pants have gotten more fitted in some areas while remaining baggy in others. Stars like Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye can pull off anything, and they make comfort and style seem like they really are meant to go hand in hand.

If you’re uncomfortable in slimmer fit pants, you should know that they come in jogging styles as well, so they manage to combine a trim and sleek look with the softness and flexibility of sweatpants. Often these are more textured too, featuring ribs, seams, and leather patches to emphasize their structure, and they’re being sold on Zamage with coupon codes that really make them worth it.

Baseball caps, also known as snapbacks, are another cool urban trend. They’re totally wearable, go with everything, and come in an insane variety of colours, designs, and brands. The caps are usually made of cloth with curved caps. There’s so many out there that collecting them has almost become a hobby, the same way collecting sneakers used to be. Drake favors this style. Popular brands such as Zephyr and New Era carry snapback hats in a variety of styles.

Online shopping has made it easier to research and buy these styles, especially among millennials. According to statistics from 2014, the “urban hustlers” spent over $90 billion in fields such as entertainment and fashion. That’s nearly one-third of all discretionary spending across the younger population of people! Online retailers like Zamage have made it incredibly convenient for people who find what they want and find it fast, without ever leaving their homes. Shoppers are able to browse at their leisure any time of the day or night. Once they’ve made their selection, they have the convenience of having their apparel shipped to their doors without worrying about picking it up. And, even more convenient is the fact that you can send back anything you decided you didn’t want!