When is the right time for your baby to use a baby bouncer?


Being a new mom, you just can’t get enough of snuggling and cuddling your baby but don’t you think there comes a time when you need a quick break from all this? You must have become tired of playing, rocking and feeding your baby. If you are, you can invest in baby bouncer seats which can provide you with a rather safe alternative to keep your baby not only safe and hung but also happy. From the time you take your newborn home, you can use a bouncer seat but the length of time through which you can use this is rather limited.

If you overuse a baby bouncer, this can wreak havoc for your baby and being a mom, this is the last thing that you would want to happen to your baby. Hence, it is vital for a mom to know when the right time for a baby to use a bouncer is.

A bouncer – What is it?

If you still want to know what a bouncer is, it is a freestanding seat which is seated pretty low to the ground. The reclined position of the seat has got a rather sturdy frame which lets you baby to bounce back and kick. There are several models which also have in-built features like music, rocking, vibration and toy bars. They’re extremely portable as the seats are too lightweight and they can be moved from one room to other.

Factors which determine the right time for your baby to use a rocker

  • Age of your tot

The best age for your baby to use a baby rocker is mentioned on the seat guide of the rocker and it ranges from 0-7 months. Nevertheless, the use of these bouncers is always subject to alterations depending on the development of the baby.

  • Weight of the baby

The baby bouncers usually come with a set of guidelines which mention the weight capacity that the bouncer can carry. The upper weight limit is 9-11 kg. While there are some seats which can accomodate bigger kids too, the weight limits range from 5-8 kg.

  • Development and growth of the baby

The way a baby reaches its developmental milestones is different for each baby. While some may sit without help by the age of 5 months, others may obtain that goal by 7 months. In case you find your tot climbing out of the seat, it is time that you stop using the bouncer regardless of his chronological age.

  • Don’t turn it into a habit

For the moms, it gets extremely tempting to leave their babies on the bouncers for a long time as they can remain free and complete their other tasks. But this may not be a good idea as the baby can develop this as a habit. Due to the reclined position, he might not feel indulged in other activities.

Hence, whenever you choose to get a baby bouncer for your kid, make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned tips and ideas to ensure maximum safety.