Top 5 Must-Have Bag Styles For Your Closet!


Well, women just cannot have enough of handbags. After all, with endless styles, designs and trends out there, how do you choose one? In this special post, we guide you through a list of styles that you must invest in.

  • A perfect tote – If you are a working woman, you probably already have one. Totes are simplistic, effortless and easy to carry around, and you can find a whole bunch of colors to choose from. A nice tote works well with pantsuits and dresses alike, which makes it versatile choice for most occasions. Add to that, you can get stock almost anything you need, especially if you are always on the run.

  • A crossbody bag – Sling and crossbody bags are a must-have for many reasons. Styling a small leather crossbody bag doesn’t require a lot of effort. From a plain tee and blue denims to summer cocktail dresses, you can just throw one around your body as it pleases your style statement. Even in leather, you can find many color choices, and some of the distressed designs are quite trendy.
  • A daytime clutch. No matter whether you have a meeting or a date, a daytime clutch is a minimalistic and practical accessory to carry around. Clutches come in all shapes and sizes, often big enough to carry your iPad and a small laptop. For ladies who want to ditch the traditional shoulder bag, this is a great addition to the closet.


  • A perfect shoulder-bag. For days when you are in mood to show off your style, a shoulder bag can come handy. In many ways, these bags are more practical and offer an informal touch to most outfits. Instead of those structured ones, go for something that’s designed to crumble up effortlessly – like a hobo. The idea is to keep things easy!
  • A backpack. Backpacks are ideal for girls and ladies who prefer to avoid the traditional structured totes and handbags. You can pick up something in cloth or leather, depending on the kind of material you like, and too add more zing to it, you can also buy additional batches, stickers and more. Backpacks can also replace your regular duffle for a short trip.



There are some amazing online stores, where you can buy most of these styles at great prices. Check your options, and don’t shy away from playing with colors, themes, designs and trends.