To Choose Broad Straps Or Elegant Thin Straps?


Watches have always been a proud possession of men. Be it any occasion there is always a watch that makes your handsome look complete. Every year witness’s new trends in the wrist wear sector and the fashionable people out there follow these trends religiously. Hardly there is a fashion lover who does not own a treasure of a couple of watches in his closet.

There are many key features about a watch that have to arise in the due course of time asking for the likes and dislikes of the uses. One such debatable question that has always been floating high in the air is which is better; the broad straps or the classic thin strap mens watches.

As usual, the answer differs as per the preferences of the user. Some might prefer a thin strap watch whereas the others might be in love with the broad strap. To make it a little clearer for you here are some points that explain the features associated with both types of straps. Here they go:

  • The personality traits:

People have a different personality and each personality has different tastes. A thin strap watch might not suit a tall and broad guy the way it will embellish a slimmer and slender personality. The same goes with a broad strap and they are considered the best fit for a personality that has high physical weight age. This idea holds serious grounds for selecting the right type of watch straps.


No matter what is your concept of choosing between a broad strap and an elegant thin strap, both the straps knock the fashion trends on an off & on the basis. You must choose a watch that has a strap which suits your wrist type, size and most importantly where you are going wearing your wrist piece. When it comes to durability, the broader strap scores higher points whereas for elegance and grace the thin strap stays on the top of the list.

  • Occasion matters:

We all follow different dressing rules when we get ready to attend different functions. For formal functions, we keep everything minimalistic and for the casual, there are no precise set of rules. Likewise, the elegant thin strap is made for the minimalistic look that you carry for a formal event where as a men’s casual wrist watch with broad strap is best for the no rules time.

  • The notion of Masculinity:

Often people perceive that a watch with a broader strap represents the masculine genes whereas the elegant thin straps are the symbol of feminine beauty. This isn’t the concept of the differentiation of the straps. Way back in the yesteryears the watchmaker made thin strap watches to suit with the elegant and classy formal looks whereas the broad straps symbolize a casual approach and a rather sporty personality.

  • The ease of wearing:

Men are not a real jewelry lover, most of you would agree with us in this. It is because of the extra care they need to give to handle the bracelets of the chains designed for them. This phenomenon applies to the watch section too.


Honestly, thin strap watches are delicate and hence require more care every time they are worn. Whereas the broad strap watches are likely to be big and withhold a tough look which a=makes it east=y to use. So they prefer the one which they think they might be able to handle.

This is an ever going debate which will take sides with the passing years and the newer trends hitting the market. However, this can be concluded that be it a broad strap or an elegant thin strap wearing a handsome watch is what matters the most.