Tips for Buying New Men’s Underwear


If you are in the market some new underwear, you may be overwhelmed by the different styles, colours, patterns and fabrics from which you can choose. Unless you are set in your ways and only want to buy white cotton briefs, you should consider splurging and buying a different style. However, here are some tips for helping you buy the best type of underwear to wear.

Buy the Right Size

Underwear is easy to size because it corresponds to the size pants that you wear. If you are unsure of your current pant size, measure the circumference of your waist with a cloth measuring tape. Once you have the size, you can use it to buy underwear, jeans, trousers or shorts.

Buy the Right Size

Don’t buy underwear in a smaller size assuming that they will display your front in a more positive light. The result will more uncomfortable than flattering because your underwear will be too tight. It can cause your genitals to become too hot and sweat, which can leave stains in the crotch of your underwear and lead to fertility problems in some men.

Keep Plenty on Hand

Though men may not always be known for their fastidiousness, skimping on the number of underwear you have can mean either going without on laundry day or doing laundry much more often. Keep at least 10 pairs of underwear on hand, seven for each day of the week and some extras for unforeseen emergencies. Buy a few different styles to wear for different activities.

Keep Plenty on Hand

Boxer briefs are a great choice when the weather starts getting cooler because the legs go down your thighs further and help keep you warmer. In addition, women seem to really like boxer briefs on men because they do show off their assets better than regular boxers. If you like wearing low-rise jeans or baggy shorts, keep low-rise briefs or bikinis on hand to wear with them.

Discover Your Favourite Brand

More fashion designers are getting into the underwear business, so you will find a variety of different sizes, cuts, styles, colours and designs from which to choose. Just as with outerwear, different brands will fit differently, so you may have to try several brands until you find the one you prefer. This could be an expensive proposition, so look for underwear sales or discontinued styles to try different brands and styles.

Your Favourite Brand

When you find a brand you like, buy a few different styles so you have them on hand to wear with different outfits. Also, experiment with different colours, fabrics and men’s pattern underwear for fun. After all, you’re the only one who will know you’re wearing them, so if you want to wear neon pink or Superman boxers you should.

Although most men don’t like to shop, going out to get new underwear can be enjoyable if you are willing to try out something different from your usual selection. Try some sexy silk boxers for your partner, buy black briefs for your business attire or get bikinis to wear with summer shorts.