These Clothing Items Simply Must Be in Your Wardrobe


Do you sometimes have a difficult time deciding on the best outfit for the day? Or you simply cannot choose between the variety of dresses, blouses, skirts and pants? Yes, the struggle of being a woman is just too real and we have all faced the problem of having nothing to wear. But despair no more, because in the sea of clothing items, there are always those few that you can always count on. So the next time you start rummaging around your closet, make sure that these garments are there:

A Regular Shirt

Versatile and plain, a regular shirt is a must-have item in every closet as it comes in handy in any occasion. Without a doubt, when choosing a colour, it is always a good idea to rely on neutrals, so a regular black or white shirt is a definite essential. Whatever you are trying to combine, this piece can be both your first and your last choice, as it can be combined with just any other garment.


Denim Jeans

Whether combined with a shirt and flats or a silky blouse and heels, you can be sure that your denim jeans will never disappoint. The goal is to find a pair of jeans that suits your body type and combine it accordingly. So whether you choose skinny jeans, boyfriend trousers or perhaps a darker shade denim, keep in mind that this classic piece of clothing is there to make you feel sleek and comfy.


A Quality Coat

Every girl needs a good coat to top her wardrobe. A timelesstrench coat is one of the best solutions by far, as it is practical, comfortable, stylish and most importantly – it is a classic piece. For those inquiring about the best colour, keep in mind that a beige trench coat is always in, but you can always opt for a black alternative if you are feeling bold. Whatever you do, try to pick a coat that will flatter your figure, rather than overshadow it.

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Comfy Shoes

Marilyn Monroe once said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Of course, the right shoes are sometimes hard to find, but the main factor when choosing your footwear is comfort, of course. Your wardrobe should always have a place for regular sneakers, summer flats, ankle boots and a pair of timeless black heels. These four are the necessary component of a girl’s closet, all others are just guilty pleasures.


An Elegant Dress

Every now and then there comes a special occasion where it is necessary to dress up and show some style. This is why your wardrobe should always have a nice selection of dresses. Depending on the event, you can always rely on the magic of the little black dress, or even decide on an elegant maxi dress. A cocktail dress is a must-have garment for all the ladies trying to show their sophisticated side.

Once these timeless pieces find a place in your wardrobe you will never experience that feeling of having nothing to wear. The key is to make the most out of these clothing garments by trying to find the perfect mixture. Of course, never underestimate the power of accessories.