The Ultimate Guide to 1950s Fashion: Trends, Styles, and Icons


Love retro fashion? Love 1950s glamour and elegance? You’ve found it! In this definitive guide, we’ll examine 1950s fashion’s trends, styles, and icons. We’ll also offer 1950s fashion advice.

1950s Fashion

Fashion changed greatly in the 1950s. After wartime austerity, people were ready for a new style and freedom. Post-war optimism and prosperity influenced fashion. 1950s fashion emphasized femininity. Women’s clothing emphasized curves and created an hourglass shape. Dresses had fitted waists and flared hips, often with full skirts that swished and swirled as women walked. Bold patterns were also popular.

The Top Trends of 1950s Fashion

Full Skirts

One of the most iconic trends of the 1950s was the full skirt. Women everywhere were sporting skirts with a voluminous, flowy silhouette. These skirts were often paired with a fitted top or sweater to create a flattering hourglass shape.

Pencil Skirts

While full skirts were popular, pencil skirts were also a key trend in 1950s fashion. These slim-fitting skirts hugged the hips and tapered down to the knees, creating a sleek and sophisticated look.

Bold Prints

The 1950s were all about bold prints and bright colors. From polka dots to stripes to florals, women embraced the playful and cheerful nature of these prints.

Capri Pants

Capri pants, also known as pedal pushers, were another popular trend in the 1950s. These cropped pants hit just below the knee, and were often worn with a fitted top or sweater for a chic, casual look.

1950s Style Icons

Fashion icons ruled the 1950s. These women set trends and inspired women worldwide.

  • Marilyn Monroe was a 1950s fashion icon. Marilyn embodied glamour and sex with her platinum blonde hair, red lips, and figure-hugging dresses.
  • Grace Kelly, another style icon, was also famous. Grace Kelly’s wardrobe was classic and well-tailored.

1950s-inspired modern fashion

  • Modern clothing reflects 1950s fashion. Many designers update classic pieces using era styles and trends.
  • High-waisted jeans and skirts, reminiscent of 1950s waistlines and full skirts, have returned. Today, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses resemble 1950s styles.
  • Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs still use floral prints and polka dots.

1950s-Style Fashion Tips

Tips for wearing 50s fashion style:

  • Love the hourglass: Choose clothes that highlight your waist and flare out at the hips for a feminine silhouette.
  • Try bold patterns like polka dots and florals. These add whimsy to your wardrobe.
  • Accessorise with bold jewellery, oversized sunglasses, and colourful scarves. These elevate any outfit.
  • Buy high-quality, timeless pieces. Trench coats, pencil skirts, and tailored blouses are timeless.


1950s fashion was innovative and creative. Today’s designers are inspired by the era’s hourglass silhouette and bold prints and patterns. You can add 1950s style and retro glamour to your wardrobe with a few simple fashion tips.