The Hottest Trends in Hair: Spring 2016


Hair trends change more quickly than the seasons, and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with them if you don’t work in the hair industry. Since the winter has come and gone, it’s time to replenish that hair with one of the hottest hair trends for spring 2016.

Top Five Trends

The five trends that this discussion revolves around will feature different types of styles that aren’t your standard ombre. While ombre is pretty, it’s vastly overdone, and it’s time for something different.

Hair with texture – The cookie-cutter head of hair that’s sleek and a standard colour is something that has become almost boring. It’s become apparent that many people look the same, and those same individuals are afraid to break out of their shells and embrace their natural hair. Hair with body and texture is something many dream of having, as hair with texture is generally full and voluminous. Working with what you’ve got is the hottest trend that’s here to stay and won’t leave when spring rolls around. Adding a pop of vibrant colour along with a neutral hair colour is currently one of the top trends.

Violet and plum hair – Fall is all about rich tones, but when it comes to hair and makeup, plums and violets are in the trending colour palette. Whether you dye your entire head a magical hue of reddish purple or add just a dash, you’ll be happy you did. Hairdressers in Subiaco are professionals at adding on alternative colours while maintaining the health of your hair.

Trinket accessories – Edwardian hairstyles are coming back hotter than ever, with an alternative and modern twist. Adding a hair accessory that takes inspiration from antique trinkets is also a popular way to accessorise the Victorian-meets-modern style. From floral-meets-metal and jewels to ribbon headbands, the revolution of hair accessories is here.


Ripple bangs – Taking inspiration from vintage and gorgeous Hollywood waves, ripple fringe uses a similar technique that curls the bangs toward the face in a flapper-girl style. The rest of the hair is yours to do with as you choose, but the prediction for spring is a simple and voluminous straight style adding a flip under to the ends.

The Side Part – Many people who have side bangs typically have a middle part that starts where the side bangs begin. For spring 2016, the trend is that the part of your hair starts at the side where the swoosh of the fringe begins. It’s simple but makes all the difference in your face shape and the many ways you can style your hair.

Throw Away Glitter Roots

A popular trend this last year includes glitter roots. While they’re adorable and kawaii, the idea isn’t as fresh and takes quite a bit of time to wash out. Incorporating rich and warm tones with quaint accessories is not only gorgeous against any skin complexion but brings a type of wholeness to any look you dress up in