The Easiest Ways to Use Synthetic Urine Such as Quick Fix


It is crucial for you to understand that using fake pea or synthetic urine is an efficient way to pass a urinalysis. The fact is that the process of taking synthetic urine so that you can pass the test is growing in popularity due to its efficiency.

The problem relies on the idea that when you consume weed regularly, you will not be able to pass a test on short notice naturally.

Even if you are a first-time smoker, you may have to wait a week until your urine is clear from THC metabolites, and you will fail the test too.

At the same time, it is challenging to determine how long weed will stay in your system because it depends on numerous factors such as your daily habits, diet, body mass, metabolic rate and many more.

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That is why most weed users are turning to fake pee as the best way to tamper with a urine drug test. Of course, administrators are aware of this particular method, which is why testing companies are doing everything in their power to catch people that try to tamper with it.

Even though it is not that simple to replace the pee under supervision, you can do it, and if you are successful, no one will notice anything.

That is why you should stay with us to learn everything about synthetic urine in general.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

It is essential for us to start with the basics, so fake pee or synthetic urine are substances that are created in a laboratory and have analytic abilities to mimic the properties and appearance of human urine.

It features all components that natural urine should have, such as uric acid, creatinine, ammonia, urea, and sulfates, while pH levels are almost identical. You can find it in numerous forms, including pre-mixed solutions, dried powders, and many more.

However, as soon as you purchase them, have in mind that you should use them as quickly as possible. It is a liquid that features all ingredients and chemical features as human urine such as:

  • Color – The most critical element of healthy pee is the specific color that administrators will check out after you give a sample. Therefore, you will not be able to place any other liquid in the container because you have to reach a specific color, which resembles natural pee. However, chemists have found ways to make it look exactly like the real deal, and it features yellow-ish and warm tone, which will not cause suspicion in the testing lab.
  • Levels Of Creatinine – Have in mind that chemists tend to include compounds inside the fake urine so that administrators cannot say that you have been cheating along the way. The main reason for that is that they will fail the test if they notice that there are no creatinine levels inside.
  • Temperature – If you are providing a sample under supervision, the temperature has to be exactly as your body temperature. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself entirely and try to make it appear and feel as natural as possible.
  • PH Levels – The first urine features specific levels of pH due to components that are inside. When the urine content is diluted, the pH levels drop, and that may cause failing the test. Therefore, the fake pee needs to have appropriate pH levels so that you can pass the test with ease.

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As you can see fake pee is one of the most efficient ways to pass a drug test, however, you have to be extra careful and secretive because only that way you will be able to do it under supervision.

How to Find Best Fake Pee?

You are probably concerned about tampering the drug test because it involves smuggling it inside the lab and even being caught along the way. The main problem is an idea that you can find numerous synthetic urine brands available on the market, and most of them are unreliable.

That is the main reason why you should conduct comprehensive research before you make up your mind.

  • Uric Acid – Have in mind that normal urine has to feature uric acid, so most laboratories will check out for its presence so that they can carry out the test. Therefore, you have to be sure that the brand you decide to purchase features appropriate amount of uric acid as the mandatory consideration. You can find it in the label of the product, and if you cannot find it, it is better to avoid buying than to risk your employment.
  • Trusted Dealer – Since the demand for fake pee increased due to its efficiency and high levels of cannabis consumption, you have to find an appropriate and trusted person who will sell it to you. Therefore, you should always conduct comprehensive research and try to avoid unscrupulous dealers. It is still better to pay a few dollars more and to pass a test than to be cheap and fail it all together.
  • Temperature – The temperature of urine is one of the most important considerations, which is why you should try to find the one that mimics the heat of real urine. Some of them come with heating pads that will maintain its warmth as well as a strip that will determine the current temperature so that you can reduce chances of failing the test. Check this site: and you will learn more on passing a drug test with ease.
  • Shelf Life – Employer may tell you that you have to handle a test in a few days from now, which means that you should check out whether fake pee product is still available and relevant. Have in mind that these products feature expiration date, and you have to ensure that the entire bottle features long shelf life before you make up your mind.