Step Up Your Style Quotient by Trying out Ear Piercing


The craze of ear piercing has grown among teens and young adults. They see it as a way of expressing themselves. There are unique styles that let you reveal your inner rebel. An extra dash of ear jewellery creates a fashion statement. Before getting your ears pierced make sure you are getting it done using hygienic techniques.

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Various types of ear piercing:

The ear has plenty of piercing options. If you want to try a multi-earring look, your piercer would help you plan the look.

  • Helix: With helix piercing, the healing time is directly proportional to how high the piercing is. If it is higher, it takes a while to heal because of low blood flow. A small needle is used to puncture a hole and the pain level is low.

  • Forward helix: It is done near the helix’s root. Its location makes it perfectly noticeable and is ideal for multiple piercings.
  • Conch: Conch piercings are done in the middle part of the inner ear. Usually, first-timers of conch start with studs rather than rings as it is prone to irritation. The stud can be changed after few months.
  • Lobe:  You can ditch the traditional studs and go for unconventional styles to create an eye-catching look. The healing time is very less due to high blood flow in the lobe area.
  • Tragus: Piercing is done in the projection present in front of ear canal. The style is versatile and suits many. The pain level varies depending on the tragus’s size.
  • Daith: Daith piercing passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold. A straight hollow needle is used for piercing and decorative rings look great for this style.
  • Industrial piercing: Also, referred to as scaffold piercing, involves making two pierces and connecting the holes with a single straight jewel. Typically, it is done through a person’s upper cartilage.

  • Rook piercing: It involves making a perforation at the antihelix region. It is one of the most sought-after styles but pretty painful.

Though you may have decided on a particular style, not all the styles are applicable for everyone. For some people certain styles aren’t recommended and hence be open to the piercer’s suggestions. Let your unique ear piercing be a shout-out of your personality and style.