Statement drop earrings- Follow These Simple Tips To Check Out The Perfect Ones!


From time immemorial, earrings have always been the go-to jewelry for women, especially the classy statement drop earrings. However, how should one choose the perfect one amidst the sea of choices? Here are some simple tips that will help choose the right earring for one’s outfit.

The face shape: Firstly, figure out one’s face shape. The main categories are rectangle, circular, triangular, rhombus, diamond, pear, oval, and square. Oval shaped men and women face the least amount of trouble when choosing the earring as any shape will do for them.

Hair color and skin tone: People with warm skin tones must go for earrings of bronze and gold colors. The ones with a cold skin tone must opt for metallic hues. Another factor is the eye color. To stand out, choose the earrings that will bring out the eye color or present a stark contrast. For example – people with blue eyes can opt for lilac shades to highlight their seductive eye color or go for bright shades such as orange or amber.

Earrings must increase the ‘expressiveness’ of one’s facial features instead of suppressing them.