Shoes every woman should own


They say diamonds are a lady’s best friends. But apart from diamonds the second best friend of every woman is undoubtedly her shoes. There is no joy greater for a woman than investing in a pair of new shoes, and a closet without some of these women footwear for all occasions would be incomplete.

  1. White Sneakers that go with Everything

White sneakers tend to become the hardest working of all shoes in a woman’s closet only because they can be worn with anything and everything – jeans, mini dresses, midi skirts and overalls. They add that cool factor to every dress that is worn with them.

  1. Pumps for Woman

An ultimate go-go is a pair of basic black pumps which is enough to add sophistication and pull together any outfit that it is worn with. They impart a classy chic finish whether they are being worn to the office or to an evening out. Neutral pumps work with any outfits and also give an illusion of having longer legs. A pair of menswear-inspired flats such as oxfords, loafers, brogues or bluchers, sans the arches, gives the same degree of sophistication as neutral pumps.

  1. Wedges or Platforms that can be worn all night

The platform wedge sandal is one of the most comfortable women footwear and can be worn for long periods of time. They can be used for walking or even for dancing. Woman can stick to the classics or can push trend boundaries to opt for the funky new platforms that are available now. They can be paired them with floaty dresses during summer or leg-lengthening flare jeans during fall to get miles out the wedges.

  1. Flat Sandals Instead of Flip Flops

Ditch the flip flops and replace them with chic sandals. They are as easy as the flip flops to slide into but are far more versatile and carry sophistication with them. The flat sandals complement everything ranging from the casual shorts to a fancy lacy dress.

  1. Boots for every season

A pair of water-resistant boots, without those zebra stripes or polka dots, is just the right footwear to get you through a rainy and wet day in style. A knee-high or a thigh-high pair of boots is the staple of any fall or winter wardrobe, although boots with flat and comfortable soles are the best options for a frigid day.  Ankle-length boots, with a short heel, can be worn with skinny jeans during fall to make the legs look longer. In spring, they can be paired with a swingy skirt to add that touch of edge to a feminine silhouette.

  1. Statement Heels that you Love

No woman should be without a pair of these sexy heels in her closet. Whether it is a vibrant colour or a statement print, this pair is the one that all woman love to throw on with everything ranging from a casual pair of jeans to an evening dress to feel sexy.

Shoes make an important aspect of a woman’s attire, and an entire look can be spoiled when a woman’s footwear fails to suit the rest of the looks. So, invest in these shoes to feel great in whatever you wear and wherever you go.