Rock Your Style with Trollbeads Beads and Charms


Everyone loves to find their own individual style when it comes to fashion. Whether it is a funky thrift store vibe that says you know how to find fashion on a dime or mixing and matching designer styles with flair, we love to make our statement. The same holds true for our jewelry and yet for many women the last thing they consider may be the look and feel of the jewelry they wear with an outfit. True – real fashion mavens think about the earrings they choose or the bracelets they layer on with care. But nothing quite allows the fun and individuality of a girl shine like the beads and charms on a Trollbeads bracelet.

Rock Style Trollbeads Beads

Finding Your Charmed Style

If you are thinking that charm bracelets are those cute little chains with little dollhouses for young girls, well yes they can still be that too. But today there is a whole new rocking style of charm bracelets, and earrings, rings and necklaces to match, that are taking the fashion world by storm. We are talking cool looking bracelets with chunky handmade glass beads, strung on a finely designed chain bracelet you choose. It is the choosing of everything from the “string” for your charms to the beads and spacers and even the clasp that makes this new funky and fun style so unique. You plan out the bracelet with a wide array of beads and charms, you decide the look. How can it not be all about your sense of style?

Adding to the Look

Best of all, you can have all your accessories match by adding on earrings, rings and necklaces that are made from the same materials. That is because you choose the beads on these as well. With the cool looking offerings of Trollbeads rings and things, you can make each outfit in your closet have its own special set of accessories. How cool is that?

Adding to the Look

Reuse and Redesign

Because you choose the beads and other fun things for your bracelets and earrings, you can also choose to combine them in new ways every day. Love that fresh look of the striped purple beads in your bracelet? Make them sing by adding a set of earrings in the same beads. Then tomorrow replace those beads with silver ones to make the Boho look your own. Stack up those bracelets to make a gypsy arm of color or wear one single bead on a fine silver chain for a quiet look of simplicity. It is up to you, and any way to stack it these rocking new looks are gonna make your world a whole lot brighter.

Welcome Spring

So check out the latest in the Spring collection, look for old favorites in new shapes or maybe indulge in a new color palette for the season. The truth is you can’t go wrong with a Trollbeads jewelry collection because when you design it you make it all your own inspiration. From color to material to final rocking piece. It is your world.

Trollbeads Welcome Spring