Quintessential factors while buying diamond earrings or engagement ring from jewelers in London


Scratching heads for buying the perfect engagement ring for the love of your life or regarding what kind of diamond earring to buy for yourself among the wide range of collections in various jewelry outlets and from various jewelers of London is a hard task.

Well, buying the perfect accessories for any important event whether it is an engagement or influential company meeting, wearing exquisite jewelry is attractive as well as it makes you confident.

So if you are worried about how to find out the perfect engagement ring or genuine diamond earrings this article will try to clear your confusion as much as possible.

Let’s find out what to check while buying Diamond earrings or engagement rings in London :

Buying any Diamond jewelry, either it is an earring or an engagement ring it is not as easy as it seems, it involves many factors like the authenticity of the diamond, the size, and the cost, the design, and the shape.

The factors which everyone should prioritize while buying any of the above-mentioned jewelry are the quality and clarity of the diamond.

First, Quality and Clarity:

Diamond is a very precious gift its quality and clarity are important when you are buying engagement rings jewellers london. A diamond with higher qualities and clarity will have fewer flaws and inclusions. As the engagement ring is a life-long commitment you should consider giving the love of your life the most unique and genuine diamond ring.

For Diamond earrings, you can select a diamond with a lesser clarity and within budget, but if you want to choose the perfect diamond earrings, it is smarter to choose from the range of excellent GIA rating, through that, you will understand that you are investing in a genuine diamond.


Many people confuse the idea of the size of the diamond with the carat of it. Through the carat, the weight of the diamond is measured.

Each carat is equal to 0.2 grams. You can sub-divide each carat into 100 points, each point equals one thus one-hundredth of a carat.

While buying if you observe the size and the carat of the diamond are mentioned separately but still if it is confusing, ask the outlet shopkeepers.

Shapes and Designs:

The diamond is prevalent in various designs, thus you can buy differently shaped and designed engagement rings and diamond earrings from the jewelry stores in London.

But one point is the shape of the diamond affects the quality of the stone. round cut they are the most brilliant and expensive because they have utmost clarity and unadulterated.

Other shapes like princess, heart, cushion, Asscher, oval are either step cuts or modifications of the round excellent cut.


International Gemological Institute, Gemological Institute of America, and Hooge Raad Voor Diamond are famous gem labs that test and certify the authenticity of diamonds from all over the world. So while buying rings for engagement or earrings the certification of the diamond should be considered. It will give buyers a vivid picture of the quality, clarity of the diamond.


Investing in diamond jewelry consists more of checking the pureness and realness of the precious diamond stone than all other aspects, that’s why it is perfect to buy the amazing beautiful collections of engagement rings and diamond earrings from the BAUNAT. They even exclusively customize diamond earrings just the way you want them.