Quality Heavy Duty Extra Large Vacuum Bags


If you’re looking for quality, heavy duty, extra large vacuum bags, then Neusu is the brand for you. These vacuum bags come in packs of five measuring 100cm x 70cm. There’s free delivery in the UK on orders over twenty pounds, so that’s good news. When it comes to storing large items like duvets, pillows, curtains or clothing, you just can’t beat these quality storage bags. They work with any type of vacuum cleaner and come with clear, concise instructions of how to use them. They also have:-

  • Double zip seals
  • Triple seal turbo valves

These two factors minimise any air leakage when items are being stored for long periods of time.


Space saving bags

If you’re a little short on space and need to store large items, vacuum storage bags. They can reduce space by up to 80% and are a good way to keep the contents fresh and safe. The heavy duty micron plastic material used for the bags resists punctures too. With a sturdy clip that helps closure, the bags have many benefits like:-

  • Being moisture, mildew, insect and bug proof
  • Being airtight and reusable
  • Being available in XL sizes to store bedding, clothes and any other large items.
  • Coming in larger or smaller sizes

Don’t worry if you can’t fathom out how to use the storage bags, there are full instructions that come with each bag. They are fun to use too especially when you remove the air inside with a vacuum cleaner and watch the plastic shrivel to the size of the contents, like a dried prune!

You can then store these heavy duty bags under beds or in cupboards.


Questions, answers and testimonials

There are lots of questions and answers regarding these fantastic storage bags, some of which are as follows:-

  • Can thick garden sofa cushions be stored in these bags?
  • Is the XL size big enough for a king size duvet?
  • Can a 13.5 hollow fibre double duvet fit into the bags?

There are also many positive testimonials on the website such as:-

  • Superb products with strong closures.
  • These bags work really well
  • Will recommend them to friends and family
  • Good strong bags, stored a double duvet which compacted down well
  • These vacuum bags are worth every penny

With such good comments, isn’t it time you invested in a brilliant vacuum storage bag to keep items you don’t want to throw away, safely?


Use online suppliers

Using online suppliers means you don’t have to wander around the High Street, unsure of where to go to buy vacuum bags. There’s also the advantage of being able to:-

  • Track your package
  • View your order
  • See the delivery rates and policies
  • Return or have the storage bag replaced should there be any problems

Heavy duty storage bags are definitely the answer to save space in your home.