More Money More Problems


When it comes to trainers just because they are more expensive are does not mean they are necessarily better. You would think the more money you spend the better product you are getting, but this is not the case when it comes to running shoes. With running becoming more and more popular each year shoe companies have a vested interest in making high-tech running shoes which may not be worth their expensive price tag. Here are some things to consider before spending your hard earned money on expensive trainers.

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Almost every shoe commercial you see nowadays boasts about the newest features their latest running shoe offers. But do these latest improvements actually increase comfort and performance? Whether it’s a microchip, gel pods for cushioning, or any other enhancement, the makers of these shoes will try to sell you on these features without necessarily knowing if they really do any good. In fact studies have shown that they don’t really help in preventing injuries or give a runner better performance. Rather, they may actually be the causes of more injuries when compared to branded cheap trainers.

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The Right Fit

Any long time runner will agree that having a shoe with the right fit is more important than one with fancy features. In order to avoid injuries and make your running enjoyable it is important to find a shoe that fits well. The best way to do this is to have your running shoes fitted by an expert. There are plenty of specialised shoe stores that only sell running shoes. The men and women working at these stores will measure your feet and analyse your running form to find the best shoe for you. Purchasing shoes at stores such as these can be expensive, but you can avoid paying too much by simply taking the expert’s advice on the type of shoe best suited for you and use that information to find them online or at another store for a more reasonable price.

The Right Fit

One thing to keep in mind is that you should get your feet and running form analysed every few years as it may have changed since your last visit. Another thing to know is that you need to buy shoes that are a half-size bigger than what you normally wear. This bit of extra room makes running a lot more comfortable on your toes and helps to avoid painful blisters. You also do not want a pair of trainers that are too tight or too loose, find a happy medium between the two.

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Final Thoughts

Running is an extremely healthy and rewarding activity. Avoiding injury and discomfort is important so you can enjoy running to its fullest. Remember though that having the most expensive pair of shoes on the market does not guarantee a better running experience. Following the tips laid out in this article will help guide you in making a smart purchase and allow you to enjoy running comfortably for years and years.

Final Thoughts