Mind Boggling Facts about Nails Most People Don’t Know


Humans are strange specie with the weirdest minds of all. Just as weird as our minds can be, our nails don’t give up either. Nails, especially for women are a beautiful part of the physiology which they paint and flaunt. Never would have you imagined there are so many strange things about nails, which sometimes are also a blessing. Here’s a list of strange facts about nails that you should know about.

Our nails and hair are made of same stuff

Keratin is a dead element which is what both our nails and hair are made of. If you are putting efforts in growing your hair, those efforts also bless you with amazing nails. The foods that are rich in whatever nutrients your hair needs would also make sense for your nails. Specifically, eating foods rich in antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, and minerals would help you grow and maintain healthy nails.

Nails can indicate overall health

If you go to a dermatologist, if he/she is professional enough, the dermatologist would be able to tell a lot about your health looking at your nails. Nails are a reflection of how your overall health is. Different colors of the nails suggest different kinds of deficiencies and health related issues. However, there is one common myth that needs to be debunked. White patches on your nails don’t mean a deficiency of calcium necessarily.

Stress affects nails

Stress for many people induces a tendency to bite their nails. This is how biting your nail while under stress can affect the natural and healthy growth of your nails. In addition to stress, if you also are suffering from insomnia, this combination can take a toll on the health of your nails. While it might not seem big of a problem, it might have other serious consequences as well. Sleep problems and stress don’t let enough energy and nutrient reach your nails.

There’s more to nails than what’s visible

We all call what’s visible as nail. But the truth of the matter is- what’s visible is only a part of the nail. There are different parts of a nail that have different features. If we talk about it, there are a bunch of complicated names of different parts that would definitely boggle your mind. As a more simplified explanation, nails don’t just stop where we see stopping at. They extend a little beyond that and are covered by the skin.

Nails need blood

Nails definitely are a dead component. However, this doesn’t mean nails don’t need anything at all. Pretty much like all the live organs of our body, nails also need oxygen and blood supply to grow and look normal. You might have at least for once come across hurting your nail and as a result your nail turning bluish. This happens because when you hurt your nail, the supply of oxygen and blood gets cut off. This changes the color of the nail and it eventually falls off.

Nails and gender

Girls, you would be a little disappointed to know that nails grow faster for men than women. This is one of the biggest ironies of nature when women desire for long nails and men keep chopping them off. However, there’s a lot women can do about it. Artificial nails are one of the options. In fact, Shellac Nail Design Is the Manicure You Need Right Now – The Cuddl. Visit the website to know more about nail art and artificial nails.