Jewelry Trends of 2019


The increasingly dynamic jewelry industry is awash in many different changes for 2019. While many of the preferred gemstone and metal mediums have remained constant over the last several years, the preferred composition of these materials has definitely shifted. For example, sleek and simple earnings are a bit out of fashion. High lobe piercings are definitely in fashion. Messy or cluttered necklace layers are absolutely in fashion currently. Bright colors are also a huge 2019 hit. Be sure to check out the jewelry lines available at Mitchum Jewelers for all of the latest trending designs.

The Top 5 Jewelry Trends For 2019

  1. Bright and Bold Colors Are In – 2019 is being referred to by jewelry trend experts as “The Year of Color”. This year bright and bold jewelry colors are really trending hard. Bright coral beads, brilliant and sparkling semi-precious and precious gemstones, colored enamels, and even colored glass are all the rave for 2019. Sleek and subtle is out of fashion, so make sure that you make a statement and grab some attention with this year’s jewelry selection.
  2. The Year of The Charms – Charms have never gone completely out of fashion, however, this year they have made a huge resurgence. With more charm manufacturers and designers out there than ever before, selecting the right charm has never been easier. Some wearers choose charms that signify a sentimental meaning, while others choose charms for their good luck powers. They can be elegantly worn on a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or even dangled from earnings.
  3. Layered and Messy Necklace Combos Are a Hit – Wearing an assortment of different necklaces can create a stellar look if you arrange it properly. Mingle thick and thin necklaces together. You can do this with plain metal chains or beaded and gemstone accented designs. You will need to play around with different arrangements to see what looks best. The messier the better this year, so really go bold when layering on your chains. Don’t hesitate to mix metals either.
  4. High Ear Lobe Piercings Are Trending – Not since the late 1980s have high ear lobe piercings been as popular as they are this year. What most people are doing is accentuating their first lobe piercings with secondary high lobe earnings. The high lobe earnings should definitely shower your main piercings with flattery. If you do decide to mix and match then be sure that the contrast works. Experiment with different sets to find the overall earning look that is right for you.
  5. Layered Ear Piercings Are Fashionable Again – Layering jewelry sets from the ear lobe up are a huge 2019 hit. A particularly stunning arrangement features long earnings at the lobe that progressively get shorter as they work their way up the piercing holes. If the earnings are all related or similar in their design, the final aesthetic composition will really make a huge splash. Earnings can be layered horizontally or vertically, as both arrangements look absolutely fantastic.