Important Things To Know About A Laser Hair Removal Procedure


A lot of individuals from New York are interested with shaving as well as waxing, but they find it uncomfortable. That’s why many of them consult various experts from the Ithaca NY laser hair removal treatment facilities in the city. It is actually a medical procedure performed by professionals, using a special device. This laser technology is used in removing undesirable hair on the skin. With this method, a concentrated light in a form of heat, is emitted and the ones that the melanin absorbs. It will then start damaging the sacs in the follicles as well as initiating a delay in the growth.

Your first treatment will not always lead to permanent removal, that’s why follow-up sessions are usually performed. It may take you a maximum of 6 or 7 sessions in all, if you wish it to be permanently removed. Anyway, some people go for this just to reduce the scattered and excess locks. Most of the time, they would like this eliminated from the armpit, legs, chin, bikini line and upper lip. Individuals, who are interested in the procedure are after cleanliness or hygiene, getting rid of discomfort or conscious issues and looking more presentable.

By the way, what may affect the result of the treatment is your complexion. And the other one is, the color of the hair, which is actually the one, absorbing the light. That’s why the skin around the area is not supposed to be damaged. Due to this pigment concept, this is not very effective with grey, white, blond and red because these colors are not good at absorbing the light. Anyway, as an individual, who would have decided to undergo the procedure, it would be ideal to know more about it, before proceeding to a medical expert for consultations.

Consider the Risks

Basically, you have to be aware that there would always be a risk to this type of treatment. Is it really safe – check to find out. This only means that you should not do it on your eyelashes, eyebrows and eyelids. Anyway, these risks will vary, depending on your complexion, treatment plan and maintenance or after care.

You may likely experience skin irritations. This discomfort is just temporary, anyway. You will notice that the treated area may be swollen and you cannot avoid this to look red. Most of these happen after the session and will disappear after a few hours.

Aside from that, you can also observe changes on the pigment. The affected portion of the skin may get darker or lighter, though it is just temporary. That’s why, it is important to avoid getting exposed to the sun before and after, to prevent the skin from lightening.

How to Prepare

Do not forget to go for a consultation as your initial step before proceeding to the procedure. And then, make sure that the doctor is authorized and certified to perform this treatment. It would be great, if the expert can review your medical history to know whenever there are skin disorders. Keep in mind that he needs to discuss the risks as well as the benefits of the laser hair removal. It is advised to take a photo of the before and after treatment for further assessments.

By the way, you will be given a schedule after the consultation. You will be instructed to stay out of the sun and use sunscreen to avoid lightening your skin. It would be best to also avoid other methods of removing hair. If possible, do not use medications like anti-inflammatory medicines or aspirin. Lastly, you should not trim or shave the area to be treated. These are the most important things to consider before your session starts.

After Care

Expect the redness as well as swelling after the procedure. Sometimes, a steroid cream will be applied, if the reaction showed up early. But you may apply ice to reduce the discomfort feeling.

Remember that there would still be next sessions scheduled. Therefore, you should not expose this to sunlight for 6 weeks. This will depend on what the doctor will instruct you, anyway. Lastly, do not forget to use a sunscreen cream or lotion every day. Go here for further reading.