How To Learn The Secrets Of Looking Good


Mastering The Great Looks
Many people see a model or actor with a great hair cut or flawless makeup, and think, “That look’s for me!” Unfortunately, the saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, doesn’t seem to work well with a DIY beauty approach. That wonderful haircut in the magazine looks like you’ve been the victim of a moth attack when you try it. Or that you’ve just graduated from clown college when you try that “natural looking” makeup technique. Would you like to learn the secrets behind great, natural, effortless looks for you and your friends? Even better, would you like to embark on a career as a cosmetology professional that:

teaches how to cut and style all hair types of both men and women
allows you to dabble in makeup design
allows you to become qualified in skin and nail care

Cosmology courses give students a thorough education concerning the health and enhancing the appearance of hair, skin, and nails. And these courses aren’t intended for those hoping to pick up a few beauty and grooming tips. Students interested in formal cosmetology training can expect to spend roughly eighteen months in school, which concludes with official certification testing. And as a certified cosmetologist, you can anticipate to learn anywhere from $28,000-$69,000 per year, with job opportunities in:

movie and television industries
professional modeling industry
cosmetics and hair industry

Tricks Of The Trade
Those haircuts and makeup techniques that look great in a magazine but seem to be beyond amateurs? Those secrets are revealed in cosmetology school. Professional cosmetologists know how to work with hair colors to avoid having clients coming in for highlights and leaving with orange stripes, for example. They know how to turn a brunette into a “bronde” (dark blonde) without it looking horribly unnatural. Gentlemen can also benefit from the attentions of a licensed cosmetologist or barber in terms of a hairline cleanup, followed by a professional scissors, razor, or fade haircut. And since our skin is both our largest and most noticeable organ, there are many reasons for keeping it both healthy and looking good. Both can be achieved at a salon by having moisturizing facial masks applied and removed to rejuvenate skin and keep pores open. And toe and fingernails won’t just glow with health after treatment at a professional salon. Gel and acrylic nails aren’t just applied here, they’re long lasting and natural looking, too.

The Right School Is Important
There are many cosmetology schools out there to teach students techniques in cosmetology and barbering, but it’s important to find one not only with industry respected instructors, but one with decades of professional experience. In the Austin, Texas area, the Academy Of Hair Design provides both. By working in a real salon and barbershop while taking classes under the guidance of instructors who are professional cosmetologists and barbers, students here acquire the expertise and confidence to dazzle the world with their own techniques and secrets.