Everyday Necklace Types: Necessary Pieces to Own


The neckline is one of the most critical factors in a woman’s wardrobe. A necklace can be the finishing touch that completes an outfit, or it could add just enough sparkle to take any outfit from drab to fab!

Necklaces come in all shapes and sizes- long chains with pendants, short, delicate chains with charms, even simple pearl necklaces, which are perfect for everyday wear. This blog post will go through some of the different types of everyday necklace you should have in your jewelry box.

Diamond necklace:

This is probably one of the most common types of necklaces that women will have in their collection. It’s long enough to rest at the collarbone area, but short adequately, so it doesn’t cover up your whole top half, making it perfect for work where formal attire needs to be worn all day long.

The best part about this type of necklace? There are so many shapes and sizes of diamonds to choose from! So whether you want a small, subtle diamond pendant or something more prominent and in your face- there is definitely one for everyone.

Gemstone necklace:

This type of necklace can range anywhere between $20-$200 depending on the quality of gemstones used. There are so many different types of stones that have been popular throughout history, such as amethysts, pearls, emeralds, etc.


The main idea behind this type of jewelry is to collect an array with lots of variety in terms of color/style/size in order to create a statement piece when worn all together.