Choosing the Right Trousers for your Body Type


Picking a pair of trousers that suit your body is an important part of any outfit. Men differ in their body sizes and shapes and searching for the right fit can be trickier than it may seem. Whatever your body type is, here are trouser styles that may suit you:

Big Thighs

If you have bigger thighs, you will want to avoid wearing slim or skinny jeans. Its’ because their tight design will emphasize your legs and make you look out of proportion. For men with chunkier thighs, straight or tapered jeans are the best options. Tapered denim offers lots of room around the thigh while narrowing down from the knee.

Muscular Legs

If you have been hitting the gym and building those muscles on your legs, straight cut or tapered jeans might be the best choice. The balance between letting people see your muscles and looking disproportionate is not easy to get right. Go for tapered jeans that are looser around the top and thin out towards the ankle. This way, you can move around without being too baggy and ill-fitted all over.

Athletic Legs

Slim fit jeans work well for athletic legs. While you can choose to wear skinny pants, they may look too tight and make you uncomfortable. But, slim athletic jeans offer you enough space to move around while showing off your legs’ shape. Choose those that have been altered to your personal size. Wearing these jeans with a pair of trainers will let you continue your athletic build.

Choosing the Best Dress Pants

  • Tight dress pants. You will need mens formal trousers for more formal settings like a fancy event or work. A pair of slim or tight dress trouser is a great pick to add some detail to your look. Just make sure you don’t go too tight.

  • Work pants. A pair of chinos is a perfect choice of casual pants. Go for the chino pants with a simple color such as navy, black, or beige. Teaming a pair of navy or dark black chinos with a light Oxford shirt will give you a smart casual look.

If you are ready to shop for new pairs of pants, always remember that getting the fit and style of your pants can significantly impact the success of your look. Whether you want some casual skinny jeans or formal dress pants, you will surely find something that fits you.