Celebrity Beauty Routine Ideas to Steal


While some celebrities veer off into Wackytown with their faddish beauty treatments, others actually pick some smart strategies for their skin. As such, in this piece we decided to do a deep dive into what celebs seem to favor for looking their best, sharing some ideas you may want to consider adding to your daily, weekly or monthly beauty routine, depending on what your budget allows.

1) Facial Masks
Sounds simple, but celebrities tend to do it a bit differently. Ricky Martin recently posted a shot of him trying a 24K Gold Facial mask on Facebook—and he’s not the only one. Ellie Goulding, Donna Air and Kate Hudson have all tried them. And they swear by them as a way to remove impurities and leave the skin looking fresh and radiant. For her part, Gwyneth Paltrow seems to favor apple stem cell facials at a private L.A. salon. The celebs may be on to something: researchers at Adore Organic Innovation say there is solid clinical evidence that both gold and plant stem cells offer strong anti-aging benefits for skin.

2) Lip Masks
These are also hot, basically as a way to make your lips look luscious and highly moisturized. Just ask Jessica Alba and Lady Gaga—two major adopters of the lip mask. In Lady Gaga’s case, she used a lip mask that delivers plant stem cells to the skin, along with collagen lip jelly.

3) Eye Creams
Again, seemingly simple tip, but Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian prefer specific spot treatments using just eye creams rather than other skincare products for the entire face. This makes sense, say the Adore Organic Innovation researchers, because the creams are specially formulated for the sensitive skin in the eye ara.

4) Epsom Salts
While most of us may know this drugstore staple as something to use when your back is sore and you need to soak, Jennifer Lawrence used it on the advice of her trainer before an awards show to help eliminate any kind of body bloating. So if you have a big date or event where you’ll be wearing a clingy dress, it could be worth trying.

5) Apple Cider Vinegar
Instead of a regular toner, Scarlett Johansson prefers using apple cider vinegar because she feels it helps control her breakouts. Miranda Kerr, on the other hand, actually prefers using a bit in the shower on her hair as a rinse, followed by conditioner, while Megan Fox actually takes it by the spoonful as a way to cleanser her system.