Advice For Silver Jewellery Shopping In Bangkok


Many visitors to Bangkok enjoy some of the fantastic shopping available, with many excellent shopping malls with designer stores throughout the city. It can be an amazing place to shop, and if you want to buy silver jewellery, you can get some excellent bargains. For example, if you want to buy a sterling silver pendant, wholesale prices are possible if you know what you are doing. Below are some tips to help you get the best bargains for beautiful silver jewellery when shopping in Bangkok.

The Cost Of Silver Jewellery In Bangkok

Bangkok is a primary global trading centre for polished gemstones and finished jewellery, so there are some excellent bargains if you look. You can often get significantly lower prices for silver jewellery than in many western countries, making it appealing to shoppers. However, you can still pay over the odds if you are not careful, so you need to know where to shop and how to get a bargain.

Know Where To Shop

Although the many shopping malls in Bangkok are a convenient way to shop to enjoy the air conditioning, you will pay more when purchasing items from a jewellery shop in a mall. To get the best prices for your silver jewellery, you will need to find smaller independent jewellery stores, and there are plenty of them throughout Bangkok. The markets are a good place to start your search, and Chatuchak Weekend Market is an excellent place to begin your search.

Take Your Passport With You

Thailand has a VAT refund for tourists’ scheme, which means you can often save the 7% VAT when purchasing goods in Thailand. Shops that are members of this scheme will need to see your passport before offering you this discount, so ensure that you take it with you. If the shop you purchase from is not a member of this scheme, you can still claim back the VAT at the airport before going home, and you can click here to find out how.

Do Not Forget To Barter

Another excellent thing about purchasing from smaller independent jewellery stores is that you can also haggle over the price of what you want to buy. Always let the vendor make the first move, and when you counter with an offer, ensure it is not too low, or you may offend them, and they can refuse to do business with you. Offer a fair price and negotiate the price, especially when purchasing multiple items, and you can get some excellent deals for silver jewellery in Bangkok.