A Leading Fashion Icon: Deepthi Sunaina


The fashion world has seen people struggling and rising constantly; few have taken social media by storm and are ruling it since then. The number of fashion influencers in India has spiked quite recently, with many new faces making it to the fashion world. The popularity of few is growing rampantly; myntra studio has been featuring some of the sensational influencers that are trending, the most impactful of the lot being Deepthi Sunaina, the young south Indian fashion influencer that emerged relatively recently has all eyes stuck on her mesmerizing aura. Her real name is Deepthi Reddy.

A Versatile Influencer


She has been a fashion icon since her recent rise in 2021 and has quickly soared to the spot of one of the most trending fashion influencers of the year. She has been influencing people with her style and the way she carries herself. Her dressing sense is unique and makes her stand apart from the crowd. Deepthi Sunaina varies her outfit quite regularly, but that does not seem to affect her charisma, every brand and dressing style she promotes usually finds itself in the consumer traffic.

An Iconic Dressing Style 

Deepthi Sunaina is unequivocally one of the few social media fashion influencers that seem to leave a statement every time they are featured on the screen. She recently upped the sales of ethnic wear when she posted a pic in a multicoloured Kurti for Myntra. She often has appeared in tomboy outfits, and the cool look complements her entirely. She is the trend definer. She gives out a reverberating vibe, and her beauty sense leaves people admiring her.

Myntra also features some other rising influencers, such as Farheen Panjwani. She is an absolute beauty, her looks in ethnicity are fierce, and often people derive their dressing sense from what reflects from hers. She is a tall girl with a characteristic stance that stands out. Ishita Khanna is another trending influencer and often features in western outfits, her looks are relishing, and her contrasting dressing sense is one to adore.

Another influencer that is somewhat unique to herself is Dolly Singh; she makes funny videos, and her captivating performances in them are worth watching. Deepthi Sunaina, however, is still the one people are fond of. Her cuteness makes people vulnerable to her aura, and she can lure audiences with her looks without even trying to do so.

A Tremendous Follower Base  

Today, Deepthi Sunaina has a broad follower base, and people adore her for her beauty and sheer cuteness. She is already quite famous among youngsters, and they follow her dressing style and even hairstyles at times. She is the young fashion icon of social media platforms, and her clever and apt styling makes her deserve that spot.