A Few Ways to Rock Wearing A Shirt


Usually earlier, men used to wear almost anything that they could find in their wardrobe. A pair of jeans along with any old T-shirts was sufficient for the whole day instead of wearing high-end dress shirts.

Now we are living in the 21st century, and things have changed a lot. Now men no longer dress like, as if he has emerged from cave, rather studies show that even men are also taking better care about their appearance as well as hygiene, much more than before.

However, there still is a challenge as far as matching the shirts with their pants that they are wearing. Though, this problem was earlier too, but people never bothered.

However, good news is, there are few ways by which you can fix your dilemma and it can be much easier too.

Nowadays, men are wearing their shirts in many different ways, but the most important aspect of wearing any shirt is about proper fitting. It really does not matter whether your shirt costs $500 or $1000, if your shirt does not fit perfectly then it may not look good.

Although there can be many types of shirts that can fit, but it really boils down to narrowing down into few choices of your dress shirts, that fit well and also of the right brand.

Once you find the shirt of right fitting, then it is essential to know the best ways of wearing your dress for any occasion while dressing up.

Following are few styles and tips for helping you to navigate through few ways to wear a dress shirt.

  • Business professional

Most business professionals are usually very well dressed during any formal business occasion. You will usually find business professionals involved in wearing any tucked in type of shirt along with a tie, which is either full suit or with sports slacks and jacket.

  • Business casual

While wearing any business-like casual dress shirt, most people prefer to stick to any conservative colors like blues and whites for most of the part, and also think that you will never go wrong by choosing a white shirt.

  • Office casual

Also, office casual will be almost similar to above business casual however with little more relaxed. Here too, the proper fitting on this look will be very important because you will never wear a jacket or any sports coat.

  • Casual

Casual dress shirts are becoming increasingly popular during the last few years and this kind of casual shirt any offices will allow.