7 Classic Wedding Gifts – Those That Every Couple Will Appreciate


Well, the truth is that anything classic is classic for a purpose. Therefore, when it comes to wedding gifts, you will love these classic gifts just like your mum did – possibly even your granny did. In this age, soon to wed couples have the opportunity to list their wildest desires. This can include desires such as swimming with dolphins or stingrays in the blue waters of Tahiti to making their first home deposit, and everything in-between.

Even so, the ‘everything in between’ consists of literally anything they can imagine for their first home. Clearly, the registry can be a bit overwhelming.

However, the good news is that there are many classic wedding gift ideas that you can never go wrong with, whether they are on a registry or not. These are gifts that all moms in your family tree most likely received. As such, there is no way you will go wrong with these gifts and most likely the couple will appreciate the traditional wedding gift option.

1. Pots And Pans

Chances are that soon to wed couples living together have a fully-stocked kitchen. Nevertheless, this does not mean that they do not want to upgrade. A wedding is a perfect time to graduate from the hand-me-down pots and pans, which your mother gave you the first time you moved out. It is actually the perfect excuse to receive a fancy new set of Le Creuset or copper pots and pans.

2. Classic Barware

The truth is that no one uses stainless steel cocktail shakers or strainers, crystal decanters, pewter goblets, or those complicated corkscrews often; but this is what makes them the perfect gift. A fully stocked bar cart screams ‘adulthood’ and these kinds of gifts last forever. This means that the bride and the groom will still use the gift you gave them to celebrate even their 25th anniversary.

3. Alcohol

Another gift that is not only old as maybe time but makes a perfect classic gift is alcohol. This gift gives the newlyweds something to keep toasting their marriage. In many cases, newlyweds get gifted with an expensive bottle of Veuve, which they can drink on their honeymoon or first anniversary. You may also choose an option of gifting newlyweds with a bar cart 101 staples such as a good scotch or whiskey. The good thing about this gift is that it gives room to be creative. For example, you can gift them a case of wine with tags on each bottle describing what milestone they should drink it like their first dinner party, their first fight, first baby, first Thanksgiving dinner, etc.

4. Fancy Appliances

Today appliances are not considered to be exactly a sexy gift, but a majority of couples would not really want to spend money on a high-end vacuum cleaner and/or other appliances when they have some wedding bills to pay. Nevertheless, be sure that they will appreciate a gift like Dyson over a vacuum cleaner they got on Black Friday. They will also enjoy a new brand Kitchenaid mixer. All you have to remember is that kitchen appliances tend to be the most popular wedding gifts for new couples.

5. Good Linens

Of course, sleeping on an 800 thread count Egyptian Cotton linen is better compared to a cheap 200-thread count. There is nothing more luxurious compared to sleeping in-between silky soft sheets. Furthermore, newlyweds have a reason to try good linens for the first time when they have a marital bed to share. Truly, there is nothing that speaks classic wedding gift like top-quality linen. Furthermore, it will make your gift unique.

6. Nice Luggage

The truth is that many people do not consider or take into account about their luggage situation until they are dealing with an overfilled bag at the airport or when they are stuck at a hotel due to luggage problems, or even when a zipper breaks. This means that luggage is a commodity that is important and an item that many do not think about.

However, gifting a couple with a high end, top quality, and long lasting suitcase is a classic wedding gift that comes with a high of travelling. this also means that they shall be using the suitcase long after their honeymoon.

7. Picture Frame

A picture frame is one of the most classic gifts ever since photography was invented. To a newlywed, a picture frame should not only show a newly formed family, but they should also be beautiful. Remember, photography is an important part of a wedding and couples do spend a lot on wedding photography.