6 Thoughtful Work Anniversary Gifts For Your Employees


To retain a loyal, hardworking team, employers must provide their employees with several benefits and incentives. Part of this includes providing opportunities to celebrate multiple milestones throughout an individual’s life.

Take part in a company-wide fitness competition, reward outstanding performance, and give milestones like marriage and retirement gifts. These surprise gifts demonstrate that you appreciate the hard work your employees put into their jobs and make them want to put in even more hours.

It is not just about money either. These thoughtful anniversary gifts can be prizes to motivate employees to go above and beyond at work.

  1. Team parties

If your employees have worked with you for several years, it is a great way to celebrate by throwing a small party. This could even be something as small as an ice-cream social at lunchtime or a cake to celebrate their hard work and achievements. These gatherings are a great way to get everyone in the office relaxed and talking; it gives people the chance to get to know each other better.

  1. Personalized items

Another employee appreciation gift idea is to buy personal items that relate to their interests and skills. This could be something like a new cooler for their favourite sports team, a scrapbook for their kids or even tickets to a concert.

  1. Small Surprise Gifts

These personal gifts can also be given in small tokens, such as mugs or t-shirts. If you run an eCommerce business and do private label work, this may be an affordable way your employees will appreciate.

Find a corporate gift shop that specializes in these types of items. They can help you customize a thank you gift box, delighting any employee at your workplace.

  1. Set goals for celebrations

Try to keep your employees engaged by setting goals throughout the year, such as always being on time, having a clean desk or participating in a small event like a community fundraiser. Then, help them meet these objectives and give them a gift for their efforts. You can even reward your team with “Saturday off” along the way to give them an incentive to work harder when they do not have a typical weekend day free.

  1. Acknowledgement of merit or achievement

These awards can be monetary or non-monetary. For example, you can announce a pay increase based on the team’s performance. Small financial incentives like this make your employees feel appreciated and respected.

  1. Conference Calls

It is always good to meet face-to-face, but you can also hold conferences calls to thank your employees for their hard work. This lets people who work remotely feel like they are part of the team, and it works well if you are a growing e-commerce business with people located all over the world.

You should also start celebrating each minor achievement, such as a new employee or reaching a sales goal. These mini celebrations can be just as exciting for your employees.

There are many ways to show your recognition for employees’ hard work. Companies that do these things are seen as more generous, and their employees will want to stay with them for the long haul.

You can include these thoughtful work anniversary gifts in any company calendar for your employees. These events can happen year-round or during a weekly team meeting–no matter what, you will be able to motivate your team to continue working hard and showing dedication and commitment.