6 Mind-Blowing Bra Hacks Every Girl Should Know


While there is no denying that bras are necessary, they might come with a few issues now and then. So, you found the right size Zivame bra, but the tricky neckline of your new dress might be creating a problem. And it’s not like you always have the time to go for a quick bra shopping. So, keeping all the common issues in mind, here are a few hacks you can try with your Zivame bra.

  • Change your old bra into a backless bra

Start by cutting the part where the bottom of the straps meets the back, and the cup meets the back. You will get the cups of the Zivame bra and two loose bra straps. After this, stitch the bottom of the straps to the bottoms of the cups to wear the bra like your backpack.

  • Making caged bras that you can show off

Are you not too sold on the idea of wearing backless bras? Then, make a bra whose back looks so cool that you will want to flaunt it everywhere. In order to do this, get a Zivame bra that’s strapless, along with three parts of elastic. Next, you need to cut off the actual back of your bra while leaving an inch on every side. Finally, sew three pieces of elastic right where the back was to complete the look of your cool bra.

  • Stitch tabs in the tank top to cover the bra straps

Don’t you hate when straps poke right out of that tank top? So, make a smallholder below the tank top to hold the bra straps in place. You can do it easily with your Zivame bra.

  • Wash your sports bra in the shower

It is better not to put your sports bra in the washing machine because that might stretch it to some extent. Instead, it is better to hand wash the sports bra in the shower when you’re taking a bath. It will ensure that the sports bra lasts longer. Even if you’re in a hurry and need to put the bra in the washing machine, make sure to put it in unique plastic balls before washing to make them hold their form.

  • Get a racerback bra in a minute

If you do not have the time to buy a racerback Zivame bra, simply use a bra clip to get the straps joined together for the time being. You can even use paper clips for this purpose.

  • Preventing bra straps from hurting the shoulders

Almost every other girl complains of the pain from bra straps digging in the shoulders. If it is constantly happening, you might need to go down by band size and up by a cup size as the straps have to work too hard, making them dig in the shoulders. You can also slide silicone strap pads before the straps to relieve the pressure.

So, have you tried any of these hacks yet? Give them a try, and you will never face bra troubles ever again.