5 Reasons Why People Prefer Silver Jewelry Over Gold These Days


Silver is the most popular metal to design jewelry. Compared to gold, silver has more fan following in terms of the jewelry design. For decades, humans have considered silver an antimicrobial agent. It contains the properties to heal wounds and treat many diseases.

Apart from that, over the years, silver has emerged as a favourite jewelry metal among the others. You must check out Nayab for the best personalised silver jewellery.

Here are a few reasons why you can always trust silver over other metals.

Silver Can Be Changed Into Designs

The best part of wearing silver jewelry is that you will get an abundance of design options. Silver can be moulded into different shapes and designs that will allow you to choose any one. No metal jewelry will offer you much versatility that silver does. Depending upon the designers, you can avail unique designs in each of your designer pieces.

Silver Is Highly Durable

Silver can withstand extreme heat and pressure, making it ideal for longer use. You can wear these comfortable and alluring custom made jewelry for a long time. Nayab uses sterling silver in all the jewelry that makes them even more long-lasting. If you want to make your jewelry durable, you should invest in silver jewelry.

Silver Is Non-Allergic

You must have heard about metals being allergic to people. Well, you won’t have such issues with silver as it is non-allergeric. There will be no irritation on the skin after wearing silver jewelry. Additionally, it has healing properties as well. Hence people prefer wearing silver jewelry compared to other metal ones.

Silver Is Affordable

We know that gold is an expensive metal, and buying gold jewelry can burn a hole in your pocket. That’s why silver is the most preferred metal jewelry. You don’t have to invest much while buying silver jewelry compared to the gold one.

Silver Can Blend With Stones

There are only a few metals that can be encrusted with other stones, and silver is among the prominent ones. You will see birthstones being adorned with silver rings and pendants. It happens because silver is a gullible metal and blends with stone.

These are some of the common reasons why people prefer silver jewelry over other metals. As mentioned earlier, there are health benefits for wearing silver, below are a few benefits that you can avail yourself from your silver jewelry collection:

  • Antibacterial Metal: This metal has antibacterial properties that are similar to copper and brass. Silver is potent enough to treat the microorganisms in the human body. You may not directly avail the protection from wearing silver, but its presence will make the difference.
  • Good For Sterilization: In hospitals, there are many tools that are made of silver. It is because silver is good sterilizing that helps in keeping the germs away. In ancient times, silver was used to treat skin issues and flu that reduced the germ buildup on the body.
  • External Heat Regulator: Human body can heat up with a hormonal imbalance. Coming in contact with silver can heal the heat issue as it works as a natural regulator and it balances the heat level.
  • Detects Impurities: In ancient times, silver was used to filter the environment and detect any impurities. It can find the high sodium level in your body. For instance, if you wear sliver for a long period, it will start turning blue if you love eating salty food.

Silver is a versatile metal, and making jewelry out of it is a great way to best experience it. The above mentioned were some of the reasons and benefits why silver jewelry is preferred by people.

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